Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Icing on the Cake

So, a powerful winter storm is now dumping snow and ice on Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Finally, the south gets what it's always wanted -- everything's white.


A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Well now, I guess that's true, mixaphorically speaking.

Now all we gots to do is get rid of all those smart-ass folks say we come descended from monkeys!

ElFurbe said...


One good double entendre deserves another.

Robert said...

Writing from TN, let me say:


Deiskrad said...

Sad, but true.

Michele said...


Once, when I was 16 and visiting relatives in Georgia, my cousin Stacey took me on a beer run for the family barbeque (We are class and elegance PERSONIFIED). As we're driving along, she casually stated that we were driving through "nigger town."

As my jaw dropped in horror and I just stared at her, she glanced over at me and said "Oh right, I forgot you're from California. You don't talk like that out there."

Pure shock kept me from pointing out that we crazy liberal Californians kind of hoped no one with a third grade education talked like that.


Janean said...

Writing from South Carolina let me say:

Whatever. *rolls eyes*

Hateful bigotry, racism, and stupidity abound everywhere. I imagine they even exist in California , lol.

Bob said...

Writing from AL:

Wow, thanks for helping us move beyond the 1960's.

Yes, racism exists. Everywhere. Even Manhattan. However, there are some folks down here (both black AND white) who are trying to live as one race: HUMAN.

I enjoy reading your blog, but comments like that only fan the flames. We have enough David Dukes and Louis Farrakhans, thank you very much.

Chez said...

Understood Bob -- please keep in mind that a lot of what I say, I say with one hell of a smirk.

soaringhawk71 said...

Oh please Chez, what you are saying with a smirk, I am saying with a big loud guffaw. When I looked around in the high school auditorium the other day while my child was getting an award (I rock as a mother, by the way) I noticed a glaring lack of diversity. In a town of about 40,000 and only one high school, there is a sea of white faces, with a sprinkling of black and hispanic thrown in. A lot of educated people here talk about how "diversity" is bringing down property values. Snort is you want and fight the stereotype, but it is alive and well here in the midwest and upper south.

RottweilerTOM said...

folks head to a Nassau County, Long Island high school and notice the diversity!! Thats if you can tell the difference between the christians and the jews.