Monday, February 26, 2007

For Dad

If you've ever wondered who to credit -- or conversely, to blame -- for the mischievous jackass who runs this site, the figurative finger can legitimately be pointed in only one direction: South Florida, at a guy name Ralph.

He's a bit of a legend around my hometown -- following up several years as a decorated Miami-Dade cop with a decade-long stint as an award-winning investigative reporter. He is without a doubt one of the brightest and most fascinating people you're likely to ever meet. He can speak intelligently on more topics than I would dare go into, and on a more personal level, possesses a kind of strength, dignity and sense of honor at which someone like myself can only marvel. If I were ever to become half the man -- half the person -- he is, then it would be my proudest achievement in life.

I'm lucky to know him.

I'm even luckier to have him as my father.

Today is his 67th birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad.


Anonymous said...



Jayne said...

Perfect, Chez.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Chez said...

Will you release my dog unharmed now?

VOTAR said...

It is called Pon Farr, Outworlder. Take your Lirpah, You must fight the Kali-Fi. It is a fight to zee DEATH!

Long Life and Prosperity, Ambassador Ra'Paz of Vulcan.


Sheriff Bart said...

Also: Ralph is a really cool name.