Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Nightly(?) Middle Finger to MTV

I'm feeling very Nu-Metal tonight, so you're getting three of my favorite videos from that genre:

First up -- they've been sorely underrated since day one.

Orgy is one of the few bands that managed to capture the 80s new wave aesthetic while still sounding modern and -- dare I say -- powerful. If you've bothered to listen to anything Gary Numan's done over the past few years (yes, he's still making great music) then bury your prejudices and listen to one of Jay Gordon & company's best songs: Fiction (Dreams in Digital).

Mark Romanek is the director who brought you Nine Inch Nails's video masterpiece Closer. He also worked wonders with one of Linkin Park's best songs, Faint.

Finally, a band I could generally care less about, Cold, released one absolutely brilliant pop-rock anthem. The reason for this is simple: it was written by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. Just imagine Weezer playing Stupid Girl; it isn't difficult.

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Matt said...

I just finished re-reading your earliest post re: taste in music. These are some interesting choices.

The Orgy song "borrows" a bit too heavily from Depeche Mode, but it's not a bad song. However, Linkin Park has always been a bit too formulaic for my taste.

As for the last band, is it just me or does their drummer look disconcertingly similar to Ron Perlman in Hellboy - he's got the square head and sideburns, all he's missing are the horns.