Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MSNBC: The MS Sometimes Stands for "Monumentally Stupid"

I'm home sick today, scanning the channels, when I come upon MSNBC. They're doing a story regarding last night's episode of 24, which -- as I mentioned earlier -- ended with terrorists detonating a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.

MS's ever-so-clever take on it?

"Is Fox fear-mongering? Are they dishing out propaganda for the White House and promoting the Bush Agenda?"

Understand, I actually think that it's a relatively interesting tactic to be consciously and constantly taking shots at Fox News; Lord knows that network deserves it. But, well -- come on.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function."

As in, George Bush is a dangerous, incompetent idiot whose entire presidency is based on the fear of terrorism; 24 is great show whose entire premise is based on the plausibility of terrorism.

Or, MSNBC beating up on Fox news is generally enjoyable; MSNBC beating up on a Fox show is fucking ridiculous.


A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Agree. However, I also think the bigger (albeit extremely rhetorical) question is "how come MSNBC didn't make similar assumptions three years ago?"

If they had questioned the validity of the various panic-inducing press releases issued from the White House at the time they were first introduced, there may have been a lot less dead people.

Hope you feel better, kid.

Robo said...

Too bad they were spending time taking shots at Fox for a Fictional Show instead of using that time to cover the 100+ people that died from Real Terrorism yesterday.

Emily Blake said...

Of course they're promoting a conservative agenda on 24. I mean, they NUKED LA. Well, Valencia, but I'm pretty sure there will be some radioactive waste headed my way. All the liberal entertainment industry people live here. And if there's one thing the people at 24 hate, it's writers and directors and actors and producers.

I mean, talking about the environment for an hour would get the same ratings, right? Jack chains himself to a tree to stop the bulldozers. Watch the heartpounding action as he lectures us for an hour.

Chez said...

Jesus Em, did Joel Surnow fire you or something? : ) The reason 24 nuked LA or course is because it'd be too expensive for them to nuke any other city. I've always laughed at the fact that in the world of 24, not only do terrorists always seem to think that the rest of the US would actually miss LA, should something awful happen to it -- but the president always seems to spend an inordinate amount of time there. Chalk it up to the show's budget.

Emily Blake said...

Yeah that was supposed to be sarcastic. I can never make that work.