Thursday, January 11, 2007

Comfortably Dumb

I'm not going to bother with any sort of lengthy critique of last night's speech by President Bush, or the planned increase of U.S. troops detailed therein. It is of course worth mentioning that -- as even his staunchest supporters have pointed out -- Bush looked like a terrified nine-year-old being forced to present a book report in front of a glaring class, and of course that he threatened to broaden his folly in the Middle-East by attacking targets inside Iran and Syria. Those points aside however, as Bush isolates himself further and further from not only the will of a majority of Americans, but from many in his own party, I'm reminded again of a particular movie moment that's echoed in my head since this whole fiasco began.

Excuse the overtly populist reference, but in the movie Armageddon, Jason Isaacs -- playing the scientist who comes up with the idea of drilling into an oncoming asteroid so that a nuclear warhead can destroy it from the inside out -- has a great comment when told that the president's scientific advisor recommends a different course of action. He says, "Right about now you don't want to listen to someone who got a C in astro-physics."

The political and cultural complexities involved in dealing with Iraq and the surrounding region are unmatched by any in the world. As we've found out at great human cost, there are hatreds there which date back more than a thousand years. To undertake any effort, military or diplomatic, in the Middle-East requires not only an intimate knowledge of the region's people, but of the religious fervor which drives them.

And the man leading our charge into this dangerous labyrinth -- one of the only men who still believes in the cause -- is quite possibly the most intellectually incurious President this country has ever seen; he's a man who once arrogantly joked that he was proof one could slack off in college -- maintaining that unremarkable C-average -- and still become the leader of the free world.

So the question is: do we really want to listen to him anymore?

Why did we ever to begin with?


Schwa Love said...

What do you mean, "We"?

TK said...

I'll second Schwa Love. To quote Tonto: "what's this 'we', paleface?

Robo said...

Two great reads on this:

1. Olberman's Special Comment from last night about Bush's Credibility (or lack thereof)
2. Article from Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) "Treading Water in Iraq"

So funny how big Bush's balls are and how infinitely small his brain is. When I showed the Taibbi article to a Republican friend of mine he read about a paragraph and a half and said that the article was stupid and he's read 3rd grade book reports that were better. When I kept drilling home the point that the article actually makes a good point about the Ignorance of Americans to other cultures he says "I lost interest when it read as yet another one sided forum".

And that's part of the problem. If it isn't on Fox News or the DrudgeReport they don't want to hear about it or it's Liberal Gibberish. I may not agree with the Republican viewpoint but at least I'm willing to listen to their side. I feel like most Repub's I know won't even attempt that.

Bush and this newest "Strategy" for Iraq are just the same. The american people, the Generals, the Experts, the Everyone with half a brain, is telling him this is the wrong direction yet he says..More Troops.