Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bauer Power

The season premiere began with Jack Bauer killing a guy by ripping his throat out with his teeth (a nice little nod to Keifer Sutherland's role in The Lost Boys). It ended with Jack shooting and killing Curtis and a nuclear explosion in the middle of Los Angeles.

Oh yeah -- it's gonna be a hell of a season on 24.


Robo said...

Some of the best 4 hrs of TV I've watched in quite some time.

The throat part was awesome and it was even better to see him hiding in the grate and at that time finally wipe his mouth of the blood.

And next week Jack finally gets a face to face with the guy who's alway on the Bluetooth headset pulling the strings. Can't wait to see what he does to him...

Also I'm intrigued to see who the "mole" is this year. I think it's going to be the President's Aide who wants to tear up the Constitution.

Fungi said...

Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas.

Prophet of Ra said...

I am not a fan of Curtis being shot by his friend in the neck.. not a fan at all. Very sad day.

choenbone said...

WWJBD? (what would Jack Bauer do?)
fuckin right he would!

this season is gonna be hard core.
damn Chloe, i know she meant well, but they told her like three times that Fayheed (or however the hell you spell it) had access to the same techonology CTU had, that includes SATELITE INFORMATION!

damn somebody needs to open a big ole can of whoop ass in CTU, any ideas....Jack?

mike m said...

I'm late to 24, so I'm going to assume you all watch it despite the fact that it features the worst acting on tv ever. Except for Keifer, these folks would be on mexican soap operas. that guy who plays the president is lame. why not somebody cool like Yaphet Kotto or even the guy who makes those chocalate chip coolies.