Friday, December 29, 2006

Time's Up

The U.S. has now officially handed over Saddam Hussein to the Iraqis for execution. Earlier today, his personal effects were gathered.

Excuse the reference to Woody Allen's Love & Death, but I can't help but wonder who'll get his moustache.


VOTAR said...

You know, as shitty as this will seem for me to say, there is something just a little sad about this.

Saddam Hussein was a madman, a mass murderer, pure evil, and I was first in line to agree he had to be taken out one way or another.

Now that it comes to it, in such a relatively quiet, ignominious way... I don't know, there's just something pitiable about the inevitability of it.

It almost would have been better had he gone out like Scarface, guns blazing, cigar clenched in his grinding jaws, dripping with sweat and blood, red-hot bullet casings ricocheting off the floor and walls...

Instead, this will be what? Some little arab guy will kick a stool over?

But I will say this with complete confidence:

Britney Spear's mangled shaved cooch is about to be replaced as the most popular image downloaded from search engines all over the globe...

ekdikeo said...

Looks like the news services were quick to put out retractions to this, so who knows what's really going on anymore?

I can't help but wonder if handed over to the Iraqis, would he escape?

Will the U.S. get proof of his death?