Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Sacrilege

This one's easy.

I don't even need to make the effort of photoshopping profane images having unnatural sex with sacred ones, or creating fake Catholic church signs that read "Sunday Evening Pot-Luck and Pee-Pee Touch," or writing at length about how you can't call any part of the world "civilized" if you can still be murdered in the streets there for drawing a cartoon, or even having ads for gay escorts mailed to Ted Haggard's home in Colorado.

No, this morning, someone else is doing all the defiling of the Lord's good name for me.

That person is Louisiana Representative William Jefferson, who last night won re-election by a wide margin by beating his fellow Democratic opponent in a run-off vote. For the uninformed, Representative Jefferson is currently under investigation by the FBI for possible bribery, after $90,000 in cash (cold, hard?) was found in his freezer.

During his victory speech, Jefferson proclaimed in regards to his win, "I'd like to thank almighty God for making it possible."

If you're claiming that God is willing to take time out of his busy schedule running the universe to back your corrupt, rotten, narcissistic, race-baiting ass -- well, that's pretty much "taking his name in vain" far better than I ever could.

First Katrina, now another Jefferson term. Louisiana had better hang on; if Biblical history holds true, there are another eight plagues still to come -- seven if you count the Saints.


Matt said...

C'mon, you're talking Louisiana politics; this guy's just keeping up with tradition. Case in point - four term governor Edwin "The only way I can lose is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy" Edwards.

Chez said...

Jon Stewart put it best after the whole Katrina fiasco. He played a soundbite of Bush saying that no one had any idea how badly the governmental infrastructure in Louisiana was prone to "malfunction." To which Stewart replied, "Are you kidding? It's Louisiana; it's amazing they spelled the name of the state right on the license plate."

Chez said...

Also worth mentioning at this opportune moment: one of my favorite quotes.

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."

-- H.L. Mencken

Matt said...

Hmm, do you think it has anything to do with the fact they still use the Napoleonic Code?

P.S. Happy birthday. Way to celebrate - Bienvenidos a Miami!

Anonymous said...

come to louisiana and see what people are like. all the people even the ones that had enough sense to leave then come back. what you have seen are the people who did not evacuate. culture and art are richer there. find out.