Sunday, December 31, 2006

One Fine Dave

Some of my fondest memories of growing up in Miami rest in a now-defunct magazine called Tropic. It was the Miami Herald's Sunday supplement, and it featured some of South Florida's best writers and most creative minds. From Carl Hiaasen, to Gene Weingarten, to T.M. Shine, to Joel Achenbach, to -- of course -- the legendary Dave Barry.

Dave stood out not only for being one of the most genuinely funny people on the planet, but for being one of the nicest guys around. His weekly columns were the stuff to which all humor writers aspire. I looked forward his brilliance each week with eager anticipation, but there was one particular column of his that I awaited like a kid waits for Christmas: his "Year in Review."

Tropic, sadly, is long gone -- but Dave still writes his year-ender for the last Sunday of every year, and I still look forward to it.

This year's is no exception.

Dave Barry's 2006 Year in Review


Heather said...

i am from miami too. when i was in high school, during a huge rainstorm. my mom was driving on north kendall and she sees a man and a boy walking on the side of the road. she recognizes the man as dave barry, so she pulls over to see what's going on. his car had broken down and they were i guess walking to a gas station (this was before everyone had cell phones). so she takes him to our house, gives them towels and some homemade soup, and lets him use the phone. he was very nice and sent her an autographed copy of his latest book.

Karen said...

Tropic magazine was the best!

Check out my fansite:

And come visit Joel Achenbach's Washington Post blog,

Your fellow Tropic-fan,