Friday, December 01, 2006

Auto Reply: Out of Office

I'm going to be taking a few days off, so don't look for any new material until at least next Tuesday or Wednesday at the very earliest. My wife's grandmother died yesterday morning and this weekend will be consumed by no small measure of genuine deference to her memory.

The funeral will be held on Monday and I of course will be there -- proud to honor the life of this truly amazing woman.

On a more practical note, I spend almost every waking moment writing -- whether it's at work, on these "pages," or on a re-edit of the manuscript which I'm foisting upon the New York literary community. The bottom line is, I'm burned out at the moment. I could use a little time away from the hypnotic glow of a computer screen, so I'm going to force myself to go dark for a bit.

Keep in mind, I make this small sacrifice for my sanity even as the new Daughtry album is released and begins climbing the charts, which needless to say cries out to be mercilessly ridiculed. Would someone please give this kid back his old job at the Chevron station in Corpus Christi so that we can once again sleep safe in the knowledge that even mediocrity has its standards?

I wouldn't have learned a thing from my sixteen years doing television news if I didn't give you some sort of "tease" as to what you can expect once I return from my break. So, in the month of December on this little experiment of mine, you'll be treated to the very first truly filthy story of sex and nihilism to be posted here by me; I'll also be taking the computer with me to Vegas, as I take a much-needed vacation which will involve drinking, gambling, a dead hooker, $5.99 prime rib, Wayne Newton, peyote, and my attempt at initiating a three-way between myself, my wife, and Jenny from IDon' (I kid Jenny, I kid -- but not really), I'll finally publish the second part of Where is My Mind? The story of my recent brain surgery; And of course you'll get a chance to read my last post ever as I commit suicide on my 37th birthday.

It's all ahead, right here.

We'll be back, right after these messages...

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