Friday, November 10, 2006

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

From 1978 -- when Daryl Gates assumed command of it -- until today, the Los Angeles Police Department has had a reputation for being one of the most brutal police forces on the planet.

This isn't funny.

The FBI is now investigating another allegation of police brutality, thanks to the videotaped beating of a gang-member on a Hollywood street.

This isn't funny either.

But, the detailed information regarding the private organization which has taken upon itself the gargantuan task of monitoring the LAPD?

COPWATCH, c/o Chuco's Justice Center, 235 W. Martin Luther King Blvd. LA, CA 90037

That's funny.

(A slightly more serious take on this story can be found in the comment section.)

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Chez said...

I should probably go on record as saying something about the latest beating which is hanging like an albatross around the neck of the LAPD; since I don't want to blow the hilarity on the main page, the comment section will have to do.

I've seen a lot of legitimately unwarranted beat-downs at the hands of LA cops; the arrest of 24-year-old William Cardenas isn't one of them. In spite of the fact that he's heard shouting about how he can't breathe with the officer's knee on the back of his neck, this move is standard operating procedure when subduing violent felons, and Cardenas is what the LAPD calls a "ten percenter," which means that he's in the top ten percentile of dangerous criminals in the city. This in no way means that he should be denied his basic civil rights, but it does mean that police are within their right to take drastic measures to subdue him should he put up a fight -- which he did (a judge has already ruled as such).

This of course won't stop an opportunistic lawyer, his shit-bag client, and an entire community with a congenital mistrust of the cops to shout "police brutality" to any camera within twenty-mile radius.

This time however, they're wrong -- and no one should tell you otherwise.