Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The New Black

Now in stores, My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade.

Thankfully, it's everything I had hoped it would be; namely, it's the first rock album in quite awhile -- certainly since the iPod came to cultural prominence -- that I've purchased and immediately listened to in its entirety over and over.

It's clever without being whiny; ambitious without being overly self-indulgent; powerful without being pretentious. It's both brash and brainy.

It pays homage to everything from Pink Floyd's The Wall, to Queen's A Night at the Opera to The Beatles Sgt. Pepper to -- of all glorious things -- Cabaret (complete with a guest appearance by Liza Minnelli).

Mostly though, it marks the ascendency of what was once a pretty good band to one that can now count themselves among some of the best the genre has had to offer throughout the decades.

It's basically a really fucking great record.


Johnny Truant said...

I agree. And my ten year old daughter is really into the record also. Not sure what that says about her, or me for that matter.

J.L.Jones said...

I want. I want now.

Jennifer Sulkin said...

wow, really? huh. previous to now, i had been meandering through your articles and blogs, and found myself finding you fascinating, in the way you do at a party, when you think someone is an excellent conversationalist and then realize its because they agree with everything you say, and you them. it's not so much cleverness or fascination (although you have both in spades, my friend) as a mutual admiration society.

and i was beginning to suspect that was the case with you and i. i had been going, yeah, yeah, yup. oh boy, me too! you could not be more right! until i ground to a screeching, squealing, rubber burning halt at this tiny little post.

a few weeks ago, i had finally been badgered by my last human being "oh you've never heard anything by my chemical romance? omfg they're soooooooo good! you have to go experience them NOW!" and so, being the cheapass pirate that i am, and skeptical of anything new and popular, especially both (natural born misanthrope am i) i DLed a hefty sampling of their work.

i. did. not. find. a. single. song. i. liked.

not one. there were many i did not find abjectly bad, in fact, most of them i did not. i even indulged the concept that much like some dylan, its not about the music, but the lyrics. so i listened to the songs side by side with a lyrics page in the browser. nothing. i did not, in marine parlance, "feel my dick move".

nothing about any of their work got me excited. some of their lyrics were adequate as poetry, but generally unremarkable. most of their music was overwrought and unnecessarily complicated, or conversely, underdone. and the lead singer's voice had a slightly whiny grate that just vibrated in the back of my skull and stayed there after the record was off.

all in all? i suppose that while i'm certain you could give a crap less what some random broad that is amused by your website thinks of your musical tastes, we'll just have to agree to disagree on this particular subject.

much as you can't figure out why Hollywood hasn't stopped trying to convince you that Sarah Jessica Parker is a sex-symbol, and Fox canceled Firefly (and i'm heartily with you on both counts, believe you me), i truly do not comprehend why these boys are being hailed as the next great white hope of grand popra punk, and the heirs to everyone from queen and david bowie to the sex pistols. and by people who's opinions in music and culture i usually respect, no less, not just the popular media.

or, maybe it's just me.



Chez said...

You're right.

It's just you.

: )

Chez said...

That said by the way, you're attractive and you'd no doubt be wearing one of your own necklaces or other pieces of jewelry to this "party" you referred to, which would be an immediate conversation piece and would inevitably result in me turning the conversation from say, My Chemical Romance, to, say, your jewelry -- and -- Hopefully you'd find me charming and intriguing due to my making of astute and complimentary statements and observations about your craft -- which would result in you making the decision to leave this "party" with me have a drink back at my place, leading to a quiet and comfortable hour or so of the requisite circuitously flirty banter during which time you'd decide that, yes, as a matter of fact you do want to have sex with me.

All because in the great scheme of things, My Chemical Romance is just a band I happen to like; but nothing so important that I wouldn't deny them like Peter did Jesus if they happened to stand in the way of anything else in my life.

(Insert smart-ass grin here.)

tony said...

Chez, I'm with Jennifer. Bah.

Since I've played music with you, personally enjoy listening to music you were involved with (then and now) and appreciating your taste in music and related areas, I took your recommendation without a second thought.

I was a bit disappointed. Nothing in it I like either. I'll have to back and listen to it a few more times to be sure, though I doubt it will be anything as serendipitous as the second chance listen I gave to The Mars Volta some moons ago.

Jennifer Sulkin said...

as appealing as that might be on a theoretical level, mightnt your beautiful and extraordinarily patient wife Jayne take umbrage at that idea?

and thank you for the compliment, on both my physique, and my work.