Friday, October 06, 2006

My Nightly Middle Finger to MTV



Look for the homage to the opening scene from The Wall.


J.L.Jones said...

Well... I'll be honest. I can't look for the homage because I've never seen the Wall. I've listened to the album countless times. But nothing has ever struck me to actually watch the movie.

Good band with good stuff none the less.

VOTAR said...

The Wall is well worth watching, at least once (and I'd argue it's necessary to watch it a number of times, as there is a hell of a lot going on. Oh and some decent blotter acid helps, too). The album is almost, but not quite, the soundtrack to the movie. There were subtle differences in the order and selection of some of the tracks, a few of which are not on the CD and vice versa. And although the music is a work of art all on its own, there is no comparison to the visual experience of the movie, presenting the viewer with a multi-faceted exploration of the complete mental and emotional disintegration of the fictitious main character.

Think Jacob's Ladder meets Terry Gilliam, and you're about 1/100th of the way there.

Not Relaxed said...

I'm so far behind on your posts, but I'm powering through tonight. I had to mention hoe fucking ridiculously awesome Absolution is.

Destroyed Shining said...

dear Not Relaxed...,
absolution and all Muse's albums are amaziiing !!! NOT ridiculous...OK?!?!?!? bye.