Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Cynicist Manifesto: Addendum #3

I believe what internet clips of game shows and cartoons have taught me -- that everyone in Japan is completely insane.

The Cynicist Manifesto

The Cynicist Manifesto: Addendum

The Cynicist Manifesto: Addendum #2


Discouragement Kitten said...

I've chalked it up to geographic and cultural isolation. There's not a lot to work with in the gene pool and they have very rigid social expectations.

From what I understand Japanese people living in Japan are not the most racially inclusive group (and they live in a very small space..) The general feeling on racial superiority extends so far that you could risk making a Japanese person angry by telling them (correctly) that Japanese people are ethnically Korean. This makes them very mad apparently.

Because of their racial purity Hitler anointed the Japanese as honorary arians. Yea.

I'd really like to visit Japan. I'm going to China later in the year - but that's an entirely different story..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...good one. I used to love to watch "Most Extreme Elinimation Challenge" on Spike when it first came out.

Mostly because the "side-line" reporter's name was Guy LaDouche (read GEE). Highest of High on the Comdey Scale.

Chez said...


I'm pretty sure that if one more person crams him or herself into that country it'll explode.

I'll keep an eye on YouTube for your hostage video when you get captured by Maoists.


That's seriously one of the top five best shows on television. Fucking hysterical.

Prophet of Ra said...

Perfect example: everyone in "Lost in Translation"