Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All Talking, No Points

I'm going to do my damndest to make this my final political post for a few days, but I make no guarantees seeing as how the Foley fiasco is not only equal parts hysterical and infuriating, but quite simply a goldmine of quality material.

That said, it would seem that as expected, Ken Mehlman is putting his fax-machine into overdrive in an effort to not so much circle the wagons as rally the troops. The past 24 hours have seen the usual Right-Wing provocateurs bloviating as one -- rattling off a carefully-coordinated series of GOP talking points designed to stop the hemorrhaging of public support. The strategy is familiar by now: Attack. Confuse and distract. Claim the moral high-ground despite having relinquished it long ago. Pretend that nothing has changed.

The problem though, is that almost everything has changed, and the tactics which once worked so well for the Republicans -- from the hysterical buffoonery of the Fox News Channel to the overwrought schtick of Limbaugh and Drudge to Tony Snow-Job himself -- now seems almost pitiful. It's like the bully standing up and attempting to regain his fearsome dominion after being badly humiliated on the playground; it just don't fly anymore.

The Conservative mouthpieces have decided that the best way to deal with this crisis of both political and moral authority is to claim that the young targets of Foley's advances deserve to share in the blame for this miasma (which is like blaming a rape victim for being attacked); to engage in misdirection by questioning the timing of the scandal and indignantly wondering aloud whether it was a Democratic hit-job (which is like blaming the police for discovering that you committed a crime); and to downplay this fucking travesty as if it were much ado about nothing by reminding America of every Democratic congressional scandal since the signing of the Declaration of Independence (which is like blaming everyone else).

The difference once again though, is that this time all of that hot air is just that -- hot air and little else. These kinds of arguments -- despite being patently absurd -- used to strike fear into the hearts of the GOP's political enemies. This time however, I think it's safe to say that many are seeing them in a whole new way.

This time, they look like exactly what they are.

Desperate, deplorable bullshit.

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Liz said...

All of the bullshit and double talk that is coming to light in the Republican Party is giving me multiple orgasms. Please, please don't let it end! Oh wait, you mean to tell me that the entire "family values", anti-gay, anti-choice, oh hell, anti-everyone except white Republicans platform was nothing but a sham and that all of this was common knowledge in D.C., yet the American public was kept ignorant. *Guh* I just came again.