Friday, September 08, 2006

My Nightly Middle Finger to MTV

Once again, in a fair and just world -- Britney Spears would be working as a cashier at Gatorama in Central Florida and other, infinitely more talented artists would be recognized appropriately, have money thrown at them and be sleeping with supermodels.

Case in point: Abandoned Pools.

Fronted by Tommy Walter of the Eels, this band should be huge. They crank out the kind of alterna-pop that the characters on The O.C. typically slip into casual conversation. Unfortunately, after their last album, Armed to the Teeth, underpreformed, Universal Records pulled all promotion -- as if there was much there to begin with.

Keep in mind, Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan continue to be stars on the Universal roster.

Tell me that makes sense.

From the short-lived MTV series Clone High, tonight's video was the first single from Abandoned Pools' debut album Humanistic. It's called The Remedy.

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VOTAR said...

Hmm. Pumpkins meets Mansun.

Me likey.