Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Nightly Middle Finger to MTV

Pete Yorn is God.

'Nuff said.

From his debut album, Musicforthemorningafter, tonight's video is Life on a Chain.


JAMESWalker said...

Pete Yorn is not good and Sloan is boring. That's all I know.

Chez said...

You sure you know that much kid?

JAMESWalker said...

Yes. I know that much.

Massive Attack is good.

But where are you tonight? I was looking forward to the next Middle Finger. It's one of the highlights of my nightly browsing.

Chez said...

Sorry -- like I said, schedule permitting.

Had to spend another fun-filled morning/noon/night on the Texas death row yesterday, seeing as how our last mission there went down in flames.

Got back late last night and was just too tired to even think about this site.