Friday, September 29, 2006

Look Back in Languor

I spent the last few hours writing a lengthy post on the cultural oversaturation of today's "celebrities" -- and how much it pisses me off.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about:

Jessica Simpson -- "The Stepford Babe" I called her (oh, that's a good one) -- isn't just a singer and an actress; she's a restaurateur and a cosmetics designer and a reality TV star.

Lindsay Lohan is given a recording contract and a production deal -- and no doubt a BIG bag of cocaine.

Paris Hilton gets a book deal.

Diddy gets a TV show, a fashion line, a restaurant and hotel chain, a production deal, and an elementary school named after him (wait).

The point was that it's become impossible to ignore these people because they're literally everywhere; the only way to avoid them is to avoid waking up in the morning or leaving your home.

Anyway, it was pretty decent -- and then I somehow lost it while I was trying to publish it.

I could scream and gnash my teeth and curse the heavens, but the truth is I'm too tired right now. I'm going to interpret this minor catastrophe as a sign that I need to take a few days off. Since I started this little experiment of mine, I've become far more prolific than I ever expected to be and I suppose I should be proud of that.

So with that in mind, I'm a ghost until the middle of next week.

At the suggestion of my wife, and because believe it or not there are new readers to this crazy site daily, I'm going to post a few links to some of my favorite stuff from the past four months. Hey, if Cutting Crew could release a greatest hits collection after only two albums, I can do it after only four months.

Either way, this is the material that I've thought to be not half bad.

Enjoy folks.

5/30/06 Hustle & Blow

6/2/06 Anatomically Incorrect

6/28/06 I'm Super, Thanks for Asking!

7/7/06 A Sell-Out Crowd

7/17/06 You're the Dog Now, Man

7/18/06 Welcome to My M. Nightmare

7/31/06 Till Human Voices Wake Us

8/7/06 Kitsch a Falling Star

8/8/06 Gray's Autonomy

8/16/06 Penny Laid

8/25/06 Things to do in Texas When You're Dead

9/11/06 Five Years On: 9/11 in Two Parts (Part I)

9/18/06 Five Years On: 9/11 in Two Parts (Part II)

9/11/06 And Now a Message from Satan

9/20/06 Return of the Attack of the Creeping Surrealism

9/22/06 The Cynicist Manifesto

9/26/06 Tempus Id'jit


musashi270 said...

If you can use Cutting Crew's Greatest Hits as a defense, then I believe you can have plausible denial on anything.

Julie said...

You salvaged "The Stepford Babe" from the wreckage, and that's a little chunk of gold. I'm using it forevermore. Or until she becomes the next Taylor Dane.