Friday, August 11, 2006


Forgive the effusion, but the first details of the next season of 24 have now been made public.

Apparently, season six will pick-up not far from where season five left off -- just a few months later in fact.

Jack will be broken and beaten after two months of torture at the hands of the Chinese government, and the United States will be in the middle of a terrorist attack of some magnitude. Once again, the attack will already be underway as the season begins.

Executive Producer Jon Cassar tells audiences to be prepared, because he claims that season five -- which was extraordinary, and garnered the show twelve Emmy nominations -- will be outdone in every conceivable way.

I'm going to go change my underwear now.


Robo said...

"Chloe I need you to Download the schematics to my PDA NOW...We're Running out of TIME"


"Mr President I need a decision on this. We're running out of TIME"

All hail allegiance to Jack Bauer...A true American Hero!!!

Chez said...

My favorite line -- from season 2: "I'm gonna need a hacksaw."

Anonymous said...

I'm buying my own "Jack Bauer" edition Special Ops watch. Velcro ballastic strap, of course. Black. What a bad-ass.

anonyster said...

I'm already stocking up on my WWJBD? stuff for the season.

Did you see the new 10 minute sneek-peek?