Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Nightly Middle Finger to MTV

Tonight, as the Mooninites of Aqua Teen Hunger Force say, "I'm doing this harder than I ever have before."


Because tonight, MTV's Video Music Awards descend on my city and on my television -- bringing shitloads of non-talent, far too many effeminate emo boys (can we please just fast-forward 15 years so that these clowns can ask, "what the hell we were thinking with those fucking haircuts?") and a whole hell of a lot of shameless plugs shouted by illiterate hip-hop stars, "Yo!!! My CD drops on (fill in the blank)!!!"

Not even Jack Black and the cast of Jackass can save it (although Pink accepting the award for Stupid Girls from Nicole Richie -- and not-so-subtly mocking her in the process was pretty bad-ass).

So in the spirit of figuratively pissing all over what the once-great video music channel has become, tonight's pick from yours truly is one of the flat-out coolest songs and videos of the past few years: Kasabian's Cutt Off. Watch it in its entirety for a truly inspired surprise.


Anonymous said...

2 questions.
Who does John Norris have the blackmail info on so he still appears on camera on MTV?
What the fuck is that thing on top of his head?

Chez said...

3rd question: why the hell is Jennifer Lopez dressing like a cancer patient from the future?

Jonah said...

4th question: How do you get a job as one of the guys whole works the strings that make Kurt Loder look so lifelike?