Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Lizard Kings

A disclaimer: if you're looking for brilliantly articulate prose tonight, you're goddamn well looking in the wrong place; I've been drinking all day.

Thankfully, it's this very fact that merits mention.

After my little experience with M. Night Shyamalan, I pretty much figured that the mere thought of being in the same room as a paid actor or director would illicit the kind of reaction from me that Vietnam vets have when they hear the sound of helicopters -- or maybe the way Inspector Dreyfus reacts when he hears Clouseau's name in the Pink Panther movies.

Then I met the guys from Broken Lizard.

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to spend several hours hanging out, drinking, and of course laughing with the comedy troupe who brought you the hysterically funny Super Troopers, and who are now pushing their new movie, Beerfest.

Suffice to say that -- thank God -- everything you'd expect is true; they're fucking great guys, and if you don't run out to the theater to see this movie the minute it comes out I'll hunt you down and kill you.

I have my ways.

Favorite "I rule" moment of the day: after spending several minutes standing at the bar watching the Warner Brothers promotion folks try over and over again to put a quarter into a glass of beer, I grabbed my own beer off the bartop and while strolling casually past the quarters table -- without so much as slowing down or looking in that direction -- picked up the quarter and sunk it in one shot.

Me and a kid named Alex Acosta were the undisputed quarters champs of my high school's graduating class; my record is 168 in a row.

Hey, ya gotta be proud of something in life.

Thanks to Jay, Paul, Steve, Kevin and Erik for a hell of a good time.

The rest of you, Beerfest opens on August 25th; be there.


doctor robert ibach said...

you ARE freakin out... man.

that's not intended to be a quote, you really are freakin out. jesus christ dude, 168 quarters in a row?? that's, like $42, which by my calculations will buy you 14 pints of Guinness at the Ugly Oyster, including tip. good shit.

Not Relaxed said...

I saw a trailer for that in front of Taladega Nights. It looks hysterical. I'll be there with a flask.