Thursday, August 24, 2006

In Bad Taste

So my wife and I are sitting on the couch watching Iron Chef America.

One of tonight's judges is Art Smith, whose supposed claim to fame is that he's "Oprah's Personal Chef," which is a little like being a truck stop hooker: sure you're always busy -- but you're catering to a clientele that would probably be just as satisfied fucking the 16-year-old boy behind the Subway counter.

Who's his sous chef -- Ronald McDonald?

I fucking hate Oprah.


eclipse said...


mike m said...

now that Tom Cruise has become a pariah, I like him. He's rich, weird and devoted to a strange and possibly evil cause. The female public has turned on him and now some senile old coot billionaire has publicly denounced him.

Lets look at his movie output: war of the worlds, minority report, collateral, magnolia(not my favorite, but cool), born on the 4th, eyes wide shut.
some strange and cool movies in addition to the shit popcorn movies he puts out.

if he keeps up this current fabulous PR campaign, he will be a figurative, as well as a literal, cult leader.

Caren said...

Whadaya gonna do when she wants to tout your book on her show? She was ALL ready to claim that YOU - not Jimmy-Jam-Up-The-Rest-of-the Publishing-Industry-Frey is the "real deal" - but then she finds out you said all this stuff.

Oprah is like the mob - you just don't want to fucking mess with it. You'll end up sleeping with the fishes - or worse - finding your book cut up and bloodied in your bed like a horse head....

Play nice with the other media moguls, dear....


Liz said...

"Like being a truck stop hooker". You say that like it's a bad thing. I agree with Caren, if she finds out, she's going to hamstring you and let the crows devour your eyes.