Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fo Guzzle

Just saw a screening of Beerfest.

You already know how I feel about the guys from Broken Lizard, so I freely admit to having gone in with somewhat of a bias. That said, it's a damn funny movie; purposely stupid as shit -- but damn funny.

It's been years since I was of the age where drinking was something so wondrous and novel that I actually engaged in games dedicated to it, wore t-shirts honoring it, and felt pride in how well I could do it. These days, I'm like most adults; I drink not really because I want to but because I damn well have to.

Still, the movie made me want to find the nearest bar and -- armed with a quarter in one hand and a beer-pong paddle in the other -- start pounding.

As such, look for Beerfest to become the next big must-see college movie. Every fraternity in America will make it required viewing and will no doubt create vicious hazing rituals in which pledges are forced to learn to recite the entire movie from memory. TKE idiots everywhere will own not one but two DVD copies -- just in case one is destroyed in a freak bong-smoking accident.

As funny as the movie is, I confess that I was hoping for a different ending; I sincerely believe that the Broken Lizard guys really would've knocked it out of the park if they'd had their characters pour beer on, then beat the living fucking shit out of the cast of Entourage.

Oh well -- maybe in the sequel.

For Christ's sake, this weekend do the world a favor and forego watching Wedding Crashers for the 193rd time, boycott Will Ferrell for cynically rehashing the same stupid shtick over and over again -- and see Beerfest.

Your liver will thank you for it.

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Robo said...

[throws all his TKE paraphanalia in a pile, lights on fire]

Yeah I was actually a TKE brother at Keene State College in New Hampshire. I did it for the booze & drugs...honestly.

Beer me....