Monday, August 21, 2006

Do Not Disturb

Having far too relaxing a time.

Not watching the news or thinking about much of anything beyond my next cold Corona.

I'll return tomorrow.

Chances are I won't be happy about it though.


Not Relaxed said...

It's always awful coming back from a nice vacation. I walk around my apartment looking all over for the swim-up bar. Sononabitch.

Anonymous said...

Liz says...

Some people are selfish and remind others of why it's okay with God to kill and eat people who make you mad. Corona acts as a great marinade.

Just kidding (sorta), hope you enjoyed the time away.

Chez said...

This morning, my wife and I laid in bed in our high-rise hotel room and watched a thunderstorm move in across the ocean. We opened the sliding-glass doors to the balcony and just listened to the sound of the rain.

We needed this.

Neither of us has ever been the type of person who longs to live in the fantasy world of the permanent vacation, but this was an unbelievable wake-up call.

We don't want to go home, because where we live right now doesn't feel anything like home. Our home is with each other -- but it's also with true friends and family and people who love us not just as separate entities but as a couple.

We reached a surprising conclusion over the past few days: all of the stress, the insanity, and the hardship of living where we live and the way we live isn't the least bit necessary.

I think it's time to take all that extra weight off our shoulders and find the real "good life."

Anonymous said...

Liz says...

I'm glad you and your lady found a measure of peace. It's so rare to find that quiet place.