Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"But Our Shenanigans are Cheeky and Fun!"

Team Ram-Rod: Me and the guys from Broken Lizard after many beers at the Gin Mill on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

License and registration... CHICKEN FUCKER!: Jayne with Kevin (Farva) Heffernan, at Jake's Dilemma on the Upper West Side.

I rarely do this kind of stupid name-dropping shit, but it's Broken Lizard -- they rule for Christ's sake.

Once again, Beerfest opens on August 25th; be there -- or be deloused with powdered sugar.


doctor robert ibach said...


schwa love said...

Youse lucky bastard.

choenbone said...

could i have a liter of cola to go with my jealous burger you son of a bitch

Jayne said...

Yeah, but at least you're related to me. We'll let you touch us at the next family gathering- if you're lucky.

Meow beer?

Anonymous said...

when do we get to read more of your book, Chez?

Chez said...

Sorry about that. When I first decided to post excerpts, I expected it to be a simple procedure; it isn't. The computer which holds the book (my old crappy-ass laptop that I don't use anymore) has no working USB port or any other means of exporting information. In other words, I have to transcribe it by hand onto this site through my new computer.

I promise I'll post something this weekend though.