Monday, August 28, 2006

Breaking "News"

So John Mark Karr turned out to be nothing more than a child-killer wanna-be (I'm betting I never get to use that term again in my lifetime).

That hissing sound you hear is the figurative water being poured all over Nancy Grace, causing her to melt into the floor.


VOTAR said...


You know what this is, the scene that has been playing over and over in my head since this one "broke?" Substitute Nancy Grace for Lt. Kaffee in A Few Good Men, showing up drunk after it is revealed...

"...he wasn't there. He wasn't even in the room."

Should we, or should we not, follow the advice of the galactically stupid?

famous mortimer said...

The sound of arms snapping from everybody between the media and legal community heartily patting themselves on the back should have been the first indication there was something queer (pun intended for John Mark Karr?) happening.

Or maybe it was the sound of splashing from all of them diving enthusiastically into the story that should have tipped us off.

Karr is probably a pedophile and definitely a creep, but there was too much out of place to begin with to make it look like the proper collar. Surprise folks, there are lots of attention hungry people who want fame at any cost. Copycat killers, lonely women who become prison brides to convicted murderers, and yes, wannabes who confess to fake crimes.

Perhaps there's some other Pollyanna wedged in his crawlspace, but a guy who doesn't even confess to the right details of the crime is a bad start way before you start to sound out the D in DNA evidence.

This cold case is still as icey and lifeless as little JonBenet. If anybody really wants to figure out an unsolved mystery, tell me why people still pay attention to this story. I'm with Chez from back on the 16th..."suspect? who cares!"

The sound you hear, that's from the countless dozens of shells. Enjoy the egg on your face, our dear legal and media professionals.

PS. OJ did it

Robo said...

What's truly unbelievable is that we have a Election Race that could change the face of this nation but a creepy guy who claims he killed a beauty Princess gets more coverage.

Chez...I know this probably frustrates you as it does me. But as someone who is in the 'Biz' of journalism, can you please tell me why the media lies down for this Administration and never takes them to task on anything but yet they will spend 300 hours reporting on the in's and out's of Karr's last 3 marriages, and last 10 year of existence?

Chez said...

((Chez just puts his head in his hands and sighs))

Schwa Love said...

I'm so fucking mad. I was ready to endure the next three years of the stupid case dominating the news, just for it to be over except for the occasional 2030s VH-1 Holo-Retrospectives of CNN's early 21st century 24-hour coverage of the whole thing. Oh well, guess I just have to read about the next resort to be bombed, and whether or not Tom Cruise is able to rid his baby of body thetans by sticking her in an OT3 Clear microwave.

My secret word verification of the day is "Ofwuwnks". Man, I love those, especially the peanut butter kind. Remember, when you type in the secret word "Ofwuwnks", everybody screams!

I need sleep.

SandiLincoln said...

perfectly said!

Robo said...

Oh and who ends up picking up the Tab for the Champagne, the first class seat, the all expense paid travel from Cali to Colorado, his jailhouse meals, etc?

That's right the taxpayers....awesome. word of the day is "vzykykkj" Also quite exquisite in PB flavor...