Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Breaking "News"

There's been an arrest in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder.

Didn't care one fucking bit about this from the beginning?

Nope, neither did I.


Eric Blade said...

It would appear that there might be a slight nugget of interest. Or is that just because you're in the news business, and this is now the news?

Ever consider becoming the guy on the other end of the camera?

Schwa Love said...

Our Long National Nightmare* is finally over.

At least, it will be soon. I'm sure we'll be subjegated to another two or three weeks of articles and computer projections that explain how had JonBenet Ramsey still been alive today, she'd be graduating high school with a 3.8 GPA and a spokesmodel for MySpace brand watermelon-scented perfume.

* - no not the long national nightmare about invading countries or terrorist-launched armegeddon or loss of civil liberties or religious extremism trumping science in our classrooms or prejudice against of [take your pick] or the pharmaceutical industry having us by our cancer-inflicted balls or apathy at the voting booths or votes getting stolen when you bother to get off the couch for an hour so why bother or the lockout of other political parties by the big two or the fact that Kelloggs doesn't make Banana Nut Frosted Flakes anymore which were really fucking delicious and I haven't had any in two fucking decades or corporations saying "Rah Rah Rah" to healthy competitive capitalism while at the same time merging into bigger and bigger faceless monolithic entities or the fact that me owning a cheap computer is dependent on fucking around in other nations' affairs or the rape of our planet's ecosystem so that I can zip back and forth to work in my own personal conveyance. No, just the nightmare about the pretty pretty little dead girl.

Chez said...

You are my fucking hero Schwa.

Schwa Love said...

That probably isn't healthy. My grammar there is terrible!

VOTAR said...

Today while watching the news about this I found myself thinking, she'd be like 16 now.

I bet she'd be hot.