Thursday, August 17, 2006

Auto Reply: Out of Office

Everyone deserves some time away from it all, including questionably-talented idiots like me. As such, I'll be taking a few days "off" and heading back home to South Florida -- specifically to the Keys, which for the unfamiliar, comprise the most wonderfully relaxing place on this planet.

I qualify the word off because I'll be taking my laptop with me, so you can expect occasional little tidbits to be posted here and there, but don't look for the usual long and rambling diatribes to return until next Tuesday.

(As it turns out by the way, this mini-break couldn't have come at a better time; I need to lay low for a few days while my carefully-planted patsy takes the rap for the Jon Benet murder. What can I say -- she had that "little girl smell.")

I'll have a fruity drink with an umbrella in it for you.

Cheers kids.


Eric Blade said...

I suppose I have to ask, was the use of "Patsy" there intentional?

Chez said...

Actually it wasn't -- but now that you mention it, that's damn funny.

Christopher said...

Who the fuck is this John Benet person anyway? Is it a big deal over the pond?

Anonymous said...

Liz rocks....

"Little girl smell?" Is that like a new car smell? That brings up all kinds of disturbing memories. No wonder all those old men kept sniffing me. I was irresistible even as a child. It's such a curse! Hope you are enjoying your vacation *cough asshole cough*