Monday, July 03, 2006

You're Focking Kidding Me

AFI, it sure as hell ain't.

I try hard not to describe exactly what I'm doing at any moment as I put together this little blog. I kind of figure that if I do that, it'll turn into a ridiculous verite' real-time diary -- which is exactly what I don't want it to be.

That said, rules are meant to be broken, so I'll mention that I'm sitting here on my couch watching a really God-awful show: Bravo television's countdown of what it calls "The 100 Funniest Movies of all Time."

Now I'm a movie geek, through and through, and as the show has gone on, although I'd dispute a few of the choices and their positions on this "countdown," I have no real issue with what they've picked.

That is until a few moments ago. The part where they called Meet the Fockers the 25th funniest movie ever made.

Now in case you're lucky enough to never have sat through this steaming pile of celluloid horseshit, then let me spell it out for you in no uncertain terms.

It is one of the unfunniest films in the history of the medium.

Painfully bad.


It makes Corky Romano look like Animal House.

Thing is, a whole lot of critics felt the same way. So I wondered just what led the producers of this show to make this call.

That's when it dawned on me.

I Googled the movie and was instantly informed that Universal released this piece of shit on the masses. Universal -- merged with NBC -- also owns Bravo.

Although this particular example is relatively harmless, it's proof of just how trustworthy any network can be when it's owned by a multinational corporation. As in, not at all.

If you're naive enough to believe that that sort of authority has no effect on the news you get from these networks -- you're a focking idiot.

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VOTAR said...

I noticed this a while back, watching a series of shows -- also I believe on Bravo -- having to do with "The 20 Greatest Movie [Villains/Superheros/Superheroines/Supervixens/... yougethtepoint...]. There were the usual suspects: Luke, Darth, Catwoman, etc... But I began to notice also, what became obvious as an artifically high proportion of characters or actors from the same, suspiciously-recently-released movies, who had no business on the lists (Ben Affleck's "Daredevil," Kate Beckinsale in that vampire movie I fell asleep attempting to watch...twice...) Every cast member of those Xmen movies were in there too, which is okay I guess, but why ALL of them?
I lack the time or interest to Google any of that, but I noticed the pattern, which you have now brought into clearer focus. Those were not "list of" shows, those were DVD rental marketing campaigns.
Now back to some videos followed by "Who's a Total Idiot" starring Tony Danza.