Sunday, July 02, 2006

Your Moment of Zen*

From MTV's job site -- specifically a posting for a Senior Producer job.

Remember, this is MTV -- the network behind Pimp My Ride, Laguna Beach and The Pussycat Dolls' entire career.

I am not making this up:

"The Senior Producer will help develop detailed functional specifications for Search & Personalization features that propel the user scenarios that advance business goals. The Senior Producer will collaborate with the cross-platform technology team responsible for the MTV Networks Search Platform to drive functional requirements. He or she will also manage any partnerships with third-party vendors, to leverage and integrate supplemental technology."

Then at the bottom of the post, it adds:

"Must be an excellent communicator."

This is the point where Beavis and Butthead just look at the TV, then each other, then back at the TV, then change the channel without saying a word.

*With all due credit to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show staff of geniuses.


Anonymous said...

While credit belongs to the original Daily Show staff I don't think Jon Stewart deserves any for the "Moment of Zen" thing. That was going on while Kilborn was still there.

It's a great show, and Stewart made it better, but certain things were already in place when he took over.

This has been your moment of pedantic blathering.

Chez said...

Agreed, Kilborn was actually using it earlier... and to better effect. But I have to say in my derivative defense that I had a friend when I was a kid who would say -- whenever something completely inexplicable and/or surreal would happen -- that it was "very Zen." He should sue.