Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup, Final

I'm Italian, and yet I worship Thierry Henry. I win either way.

I think I mentioned how I didn't want this to turn into a running description of what I'm doing at this very moment.

Yet I'm coming off a hell of a party with a bunch of distraught Frenchmen.

I've had a lot of wine.

I'm very drunk.

Viva whoever the hell won.


Sneezguard said...

Ahhh, as far away from Washington as the Zidane headbutt occured, the more it seems to be unfolding like the typical GOP bullshit.

First media words we hear are that an anti-racist group (out of France, of course) spins into the media that, "The Italian player called him a 'dirty terrorist.'"

Yowza! Zounds! Nothing like the right-wing talking points to get things off on the RIGHT foot. Turns out, this little non-profit interest group is also not interested in the truth-- kinda like the American right-wing. I call them "liars."

Then we hear from the Italian, "I'm not cultured, I don't know that terrorist thing." Honestly, that's what he said. I guess we'll call that the Santorum defense. 'I ain't smart enough to be dangerous.'

Then we hear today that the Italian said something about his mother and sister.


Don't never say nutin' bout the mother AND the sister. 'Cause that's cause for being dumb. Nice try.

Spin it however you want it right-wing nutbutters. The dood FUCKED UP. Lay blame where it belongs, with Zidane, and move the fuck on. Being pegged as liars is infinitely worse than being labeled poor sports.

Anonymous said...

fucking brilliant.

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