Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby

Earlier today I was walking down 57th Avenue -- doing the usual weaving through pedestrian traffic with my iPod plugged into my head.

I was listening to Keane's A Bad Dream, which is actually a misnomer, as it's a relatively positive song; and as it turns out -- the perfect, expansive song for taking in the insanity that is New York street life.

That's when I saw a very attractive, well-dressed young woman walking toward me. As I caught my first glimpse of her face, it seemed to light up in a way that I can't even begin to describe. There was recognition there; the kind of recognition that only comes with spotting the one you love -- the one who moves you in a way that's beyond words.

I knew that it certainly wasn't me she'd spotted, since I had never even laid eyes on her before. But as she passed me, I turned to see just who it was she had noticed, and was walking toward with such a wonderful purpose. It was a guy -- rather non-descript; just some guy -- whom she placed her arms around and hugged as if they were the only two people on earth.

It made me smile from ear to ear; a stupid, cheesy grin that I couldn't get off of my face for an hour.

The reason is because for the first time in my life -- in my 36 years -- I'm not jealous or envious of that guy.

I understand the feeling that couple shared; It's no longer something I wish I knew how to feel.

The reason is because the most incredible, beautiful, passionate, brilliant, astonishing woman in the world looks at me like that. For what reason, I may never fully know -- but I know that it's something I never take for granted. Ever.

Today is my favorite day of the year; The day I celebrate her entrance into this world. I can't think of an occasion that could possibly fill me with more joy.

Jayne... thank you... I love you... and Happy Birthday.


VOTAR said...


Now stay tuned for some videos and commercials followed by "Rainman 2: Electric Boogaloo."

choenbone said...

just remember when she came into this world a chicken coop in rural P.A. almost burned to the ground. thus starting a trend that would, and has followed her into adulthood...well her family anyway.

Jayne said...

thank you, baby.. thank you so much. i'm glad that you recognize how much i love you. and i have no idea what that chicken coop story is all about.. i've never heard it. but it sounds like my family... see what you married into?

and Votar's a freak.

doctor robert ibach said...

as the story goes, when you were born, your father, uncle, and grandfather decided to celebrate by drinking some beer and playing with fireworks... of course... and they almost burned down that old crappy barn that the old man used to use as a chicken coop before he eventually pulled it down with the tractor. surprised? :)