Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Final Twist

Lady in the Water took in a mere 18-million dollars at the box office this weekend.

In other words, it was a flat-out disappointment.

As for the interview with M. Night Shyamalan which was the source of so much unnecessary trauma?

It never aired; the shooting-war in the Middle-East wisely trumped the promotion of a really dumb movie.

For the record: the finished story was excellent, and -- in spite of his complaints and, dare I say, lack of faith -- the interviewee looked like the brilliant auteur I'm sure he fancies himself.

Anyway, I'll stop the antagonism now.

It's no fun anymore, seeing as how the theater-going public kicked him in the balls far harder than I ever could.

Nighty-night, Night.

1 comment:

choenbone said...

he he you said balls..hehe. I didn't see the shitty looking Lady, I instead opted to take the Bush approach and attack an anthill, because i thought they were taking my stash of oil. Afterwards, i took to my other favorite past time, watching paint dry. after which i took the 10 bucks i would have used at the movies to get drunk, and went out and burned a bunch of shit....a far more entertaining Night than enything on the screen.