Friday, June 09, 2006

You Know, I Learned Something Today

To paraphrase Trent from "Swingers," my little blog's all growns up.

Holy crap. You get an article posted on Fark and the weight of the world comes down on you.

Look, I'm not going to address the complaints and concerns of every single person who saw, was offended by, disagreed with or generally commented on my post on the so-called liberal media -- at least not while the World Cup is on (see previous post).

There are a few things that I will respond to, seeing as how it's halftime between Poland and Ecuador -- two teams I don't care much about anyway -- and because they're questions which will probably come up time and time again throughout the course of this blog.

First of all, believe it or not I'm not liberal. Read long enough and you'll see me insult the hell out of the left as eagerly as I pound the right. I don't like hypocricy, no matter which side it comes from. For the record, I also fucking hate hippies.

Which brings us to point number two -- my language. If you really believe that just because I occasionally use four-letter words that it somehow degrades or negates my point-of-view, I'm happy to dig up Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce and have them both beat you senseless. The reason that my attempt at erudite observation is sometimes laced with "colorful metaphors" is pretty simple... I get really pissed off.

I realize that discourse in this country has reached a real low point and that the gulf between the left and right is vast, but in writing about what I consider to be the verbal gang-bang against the media by blowhards with microphones, podiums, pulpits and blogs (yeah, go ahead and remind me of the irony) I chose to dispense with the olive branch and grab the handgun. I did this because, yes, there is a part of me that says that for too long the far-right extremists have taken shot after shot without anyone shooting back. Don't believe me? Two days ago the Today show invited Ann Coulter on to "discuss" her new book entitled -- oh how I love this -- "Godless." Now I could spend hours being snarky and joking about how her audience can't comprehend more than one word at a time, hence why all of her books have such succinct titles. That would get me called the usual names: elitist, typical liberal, New York intellectual -- for the record, Coulter herself lives not far from my apartment.

Bottom line: after watching Matt Lauer talk to this raving crazy bitch like she was someone whose opinions actually matter, then graciously thank her for being on the show, I couldn't help but wonder where the hell the media's spine was. This is a woman who -- when she's not insulting the 9/11 widows -- is bitching incessantly about the very media which consistently elevates her and perpetuates her celebrity status.

I think that when I see something that egregiously idiotic, it's perfectly within my right to dispense with the esoterica and ask why the hell Lauer was giving her a forum in the first place -- or why at the very least he wasn't laughing in her face and kicking her scrawny ass off the set.

One more thing, for the people who wrote that the reason they turn to Fox News, Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh to get the truth is because we've given them no choice -- they just can't trust the mainstream media anymore; that's like saying you're tired of being married to Ike Turner, so you're going to leave him for Scott Peterson.

Look kids, the media is far from perfect. Our job however is to bring truth to power, no matter who that power is. We've failed at that miserably over the past several years. We've allowed ourselves to be played by the very power we're supposed to question, and be berated by its friends and allies.

That's bullshit.

Back to the match. Have a nice day.


MOWERMAN890 said...

you know i hate those damn granola munching, tree hugging hippies as much as anyone. TAKE A BATH ALREADY! Furthermore, i dont think you should have to defend your views, its your blog, you can say whatever the hell you want.

dnico said...

Once again you have missed the point. It's fine if Matt wants to take on Ann for being a crazy bitch, but then he would have to take on ms. cindy, and he won't do that. so in order to be fair to his beleif's he has to let coultier slide.
This is the bias in the media. The lack of fortitude to stand up for what they beleive in. Plain and simple, one thing American's like are people who are sincere.

Anonymous said...