Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup, Day Five

Dear God I fucking hate Brazil. Somebody please beat those bastards.

Bra 1, Cro 0

Meanwhile the French continue their valiant quest to never score another goal at a World Cup.

Fra 0, Swi 0


spikeowen said...

don't mind if you hate their fans.. but don't hate their soccer.. the usa's best player couldn't compete with their 12 and unders

Obtuse Lautrec said...

They are a true soccer team. I was watching the other teams and their crappy passes and their overshot corners and their lazy and horrible shots-- and then I tuned into Brazil to see what all the fuss was about, and they simply play a different game. They pass the ball when they get it, on target, or they dribble until they lose the ball. And the nicest thing I found with the Brazilians was that they didn't dive with the regularity of the European teams. Ronaldhino keeps dribbling until he loses the ball or his balance-- didn't dive ONCE- a miracle from what I can tell.

A simple joy to watch.

Anonymous said...

Brazilian soccer is in a league of their own. No European team passes like they do. They are a sight to watch..but, someone please beat them.