Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup, Dark Day


Cze 3, USA 0


Anonymous said...

What is all this bloviating about the US goaltender as the best goaltender in the world? He's been the goalie since 1990. He's 35. He let in three today.

He can't be that good.

Anonymous said...

It sure was a shitty day for USA soccer. The US team never even showed up. They just stood still on the field and watched the Czech Republic run by. They continue to play like that and they'll never beat any European team. It's no wonder soccer isn't mainstream in this country when you have a national team that puts in a shitty performance like that. Wake up boys or Italy will kick your asses on Saturday.

choenbone -_- said...

yes...the U.S. played like shit, however, at least they lost to the opposing SLOVAKS or Chechs or whatever the hell they are calling themselves these days. Dobre? Dobre.

Eric Blade said...

er.. there's a US team to even show up?