Friday, June 23, 2006

So MySpace... My Old Nemesis... We Meet Again

Two perfect examples of why MySpace just sucks. No seriously, it's the fucking worst.

#1) Its corporate owner, Rupert Murdoch, is posed smugly on the cover of this month's Wired magazine. He of course also owns Fox News Channel and is solely to blame for its existence.

#2) It gives people like this access to the rest of us. One look at this trainwreck and you know you're seeing douchebaggery in its purest form. I will seriously give my life savings to anyone who will build Skynet and send the Terminator back through time to kill this kid's mother.


choenbone said...

in reference to the my space link: its people like that...people who go out on a limb to make themselves look like total ass nuggets to the rest of the world, who nurse at the tit of the welfare system cause they are too fucking lazy to get a job, that keep ass bags like lil dub-ya in his current position.

Go ahead kid do us all a favor and pull the fucking trigger.

SneezGuard said...

Give the guy a break-- he's young, he lives in a state where you have to pay $120 to see grass (on the golf course)and his computer is permanently cap-locked. That really SUX!

But seriously, this guy is the same dood in the Duke rape case without the trust fund. He's the same guy that in the 80's date-raped Muffy and then went to his tennis lesson. He's the same guy who in the 60's insisted on the "ass" whether you had the "grass" or the "cash."

!!!!!! JOE CHO IN DA HIZZY !!!!!! said...