Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hurricane Jayne

Being from Miami, I was trying to figure out some kind of way to at least reference the start of hurricane season. If the promotions department of every network news organization in the country has done its job, there should be no doubt in your mind that as of today, the whistle's gone off, the workers have punched in, and the big hurricane factory on the west coast of Africa has once again sputtered back to life. The first of those babies should come rolling off the assembly line and be headed right for you and your family any minute now.

Is New Orleans ready?!?!

Is Anderson Cooper ready?!?!

Is the guy charged with holding onto Al Roker's poncho ready?!?!

Given that today's date is pretty much meaningless -- as evidenced by the storm which formed before the season even started last year, or the fact that back in 1992, Hurricane Andrew, the first named storm of that season, didn't hit land until August 24th -- I figured I'd give the hype the respect it deserves and, for no good reason, post a picture of my wife... who I occasionally call Hurricane Jayne.

Beats looking at a radar loop.

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Anonymous said...

your wife is hot.