Monday, June 12, 2006


I could write. I really could. I could take the time to sit down and compose something decent.

Or I could watch Robot Chicken and then go to bed with my wife (see above).

Which would you choose?

Yeah, I'll even skip Robot Chicken.

Ten bucks says this gets more comments than anything else.


choenbone-_- said...

dude, robot chicken rules. furthermore, I saw the "hurricane" neked when we were like 3,so all appeal on that subject has been lost. Does she know you put her on your blog?

theodicy said...

Yeah, I'd skip the robot chicken too.

By the way, awesome picture.

thedude said...

Honestly great pic of Jayne. The black and white pic is definately quality. The real question is though, no married couple just takes one pic...

Buzz said...

Good call on the Chicken!